maanantai 9. heinäkuuta 2018

Gamer Mom

       Before I had my baby boy I used to go out with my boyfriend almost every weekend. It was our fun time as we were meeting our friends as well. Now that I'm a mommy, I'll still be able to do that once he grows as bit older, but not as often, which I really don't even care much about anymore because I love spending time with my two men and since I found gaming!(got more and more interested in it while I was pregnant)
       One of the main reasons I absolutely adore gaming is because I can do it while I breastfeed or after I put my little one to nap or sleep and I want to unwind for a little while. Another reason is that, well... when you play, you don't have to be you. You can be this magical creature with superpowers and forget about everything for a second. It's an easy way to destress, if I can say so. And then of course, the feeling you get when you complete a quest or complete a game OR win a game! It gives you this awesome feeling of accomplishment.
       As I mentioned in a previous post, gaming is also a way of bonding with my boyfriend as we don't really have time for eachother with work and everything. We can give up our grown-up duties for a while and just bond by gaming!
I would like to mention that I don't believe gaming affects you, as an adult, in a bad way, as long as you do it moderately. Blaming the ills of videogames of society is wrong in my opinion. I think religion has a much worse effect on people than anything else, but we'll talk about that another time.
      So, parents and everyone else out there, what are your thoughts on gaming?    Gamers, what is your favourite game? Have any suggestions of something I should try? Mine is Hearthstone since i only need one hand to be able to play, so add me(ID- HoneyPumpkin) and let us unwind and have fun for a little while. Who knows what awesome friendships we can develop!
Hit me up on Instagram or here if you feel like you need someone to talk to or just because.

P.S Hopefully the pictures I took today will make your day a little bit better.
      Good night, stay positive!

sunnuntai 8. heinäkuuta 2018

Breastfeeding is the best feeding!

     As you guys know i have a sweet, wonderful baby boy, who is 9-months old and whom i still breastfeed although his teeth feel like razors. But i don't mind it and I'll tell you why.
     Well as we all know, first of all breastmilk is free, available for you baby whenever he needs it and since it has no waste it is good for the environment as well. Also, as far as I'm concerned formula doesn't provide the same protection for your little one as breastmilk against alergies and illnesses. (My baby has been breastfed since the day he was born and still is to this day and has not yet developed any allergies which I am thankfull for and he eats anything+breastmilk). Of course there are mommies out there that unfortunately don't get to have breastmilk for such a long time. Also, the mommies that do not get enough support in breastfeeding! I mean what? I think support plays a really big role in breastfeeding or continuing to do that. That reminds me, and sorry, I'm skipping to another subject, of this show i watched about moms, from the moment they get pregnant till they give birth. There was this one girl who refused to breastfeed her unborn child because she would get ''saggy tits'' as she called it, although the doctors warned her about the consequences that would follow if not breastfeeding, which occured to her first child.  That made so mad! I mean, we all do what works best for each and one of us, but come on, you are going to jeopardize your little ones health just because of  boobs?
      Anyway, back to my point.. I strongly believe that the longer you breastfeed, the longer the protection lasts and as i researched a lot about it i have read that there are great benefits for you as well such as lowering you risk of being obese, ovarian cancer and breast cancer, along with many other benefits. (Cancer is and has been in my family for a long time now, hopefully breastfeeding will do it's magic and I won't have to deal with it, but of course your lifestyle has to do a lot with it as well).
     Another awesome fact i heard about is that our breast(baby's mom's breasts) can detect even a one degree fluctuation in the baby's body temperature and adjust acordingly to heat up or cool down baby as needed. I mean, how cool is that?
    I posted this because I want to encourage women out there to do breastfeed! It's a natural thing and it is good for both you and your baby! So ladies, keep on breastfeeding!

P.S Hit me up on Instagram or here if you feel like you need someone to talk to or just because.
Hopefully the pictures i took today will make your day a little bit better.
Good night and stay positive!💕

perjantai 6. heinäkuuta 2018


           One of my passion is taking pictures. Why? Because i am able to capture the most beautiful moments of my life, of mothernature(which I am absolutely fascinated with) and one of the most important thing why I am so pasionate about taking pictures is because life in general. I know i still have a long way in improving myself but that is exactly why i chose to study as a visual artist. It will give me the opportunity to improve my drawing and painting as well, which i so want to share with you all once I will have the courage. On top of everything and the most awesome thing about this is that I'll learn how to do sculpture and architecture as well as other cool things.
              I fell in love with art a long time ago, but didn't have much time on my hands(i don't have now either but trying to make use of the little time i have) nor did i know you can actually study this awesome ocupation. I know, i know i might be a bit too old to be studying again but now I started believing it is never too late to do that because education is key, especially if it's something you'd love doing in the future, as in my case. Never use the excuse of ''It's too late to start'', because I did, untill I had my wonderful baby boy and I saw I was wrong. Of course everyone has the right to their opinion, I just think you can do anything you want to as long as you want it badly and put in a bit of effort and have the support of your loved ones.
             I wrote this short post because yesterday I was thinking what do I want to write about next. I have a million of ideas, but as i noticed most blogs are just focussing on one or two things only. Therefore, forgive me,i can't do that, as i have too much to share and would love to share. I do not intend in confusing you in what my blog constists of. I can only tell you that it will be rich in everything(if you can say so). I want to write about music and painting and games. About commitement, being kind, spreading positivity, you name it. But most importantly I wanna share the ups and downs of motherhood, UNCENSORED, at it's rawest and pour my heart into each and every post i write. Because it is indeed a wonderful thing to be a mom. It is so amazing it makes you wanna cry at times. Did i confuse you much? Sorry, again!
            I shall end the post because it is time for my little one to wake up.(he loves going out with the stroller by the way, falls asleep imediately). Before I go i wanna ask you, what did you want to become when you were little? Did your dream come true? If not, do you think it is too late to try and make it come true?

P.S Some beautiful flowers I took photos of on our walk.
Stay positive and believe yourself! 💜

torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2018

        As I'm breastfeeding and playing my favourite game, Hearthstone i thought i should share my passion for this awesome game and why I love it. As you guys already know, my days start early in the morning and my sweet baby boy has my full atention all day long, therefore i don't really have time to do anything else some days(trying to improve that because selfcare is key in order to give your best to others and everything you do).
      I started playing while i was pregnant, since i wasn't getting much sleep at night. Truth is my boyfriend introduced me to the game, i thought it would be boring as hell because i usually start playing a game and get bored easily, but I fell in love with it as soon as i started creating my first deck.               Hearthstone for me is a way of relaxing first of all. I can do it while the baby naps in my arms or breastfeed. It is also fun, mind challenging and a way to bond with my boyfriend, playing against eachother when the baby sleeps, since we don't really have time to do other stuff together as just a couple, unless it's a weekend day and even then days seem very busy.
     I'm always like "gonna play one game and go to bed", then two hours later, I'm still playing. It's just so addicting! (In a good way). I think about nothing else but my cards and the next move I'll make in order to defeat my opponent.  I love experimenting with the decks (I play Mage by the way) and all the challenges they have, even tho i still suck at it(can't get higher than Rank 19).  Let me mention when i can pull off a crazy combo how happy I am🤣. But yeah, this is why I LOVE Hearthstone. It's just fun and relaxing.
     So guys, what do you do to relax and forget about everything else for a second?

P.S Feel free to contact me here or Instagram or Hearthstone if you too like playing Hearthstone and we could play together. Even if you don't and just wanna talk, don't hesitate! 💜

keskiviikko 4. heinäkuuta 2018

        9 months old today. Wow … how time flies. I remember like it was yesterday, the day our baby boy decided to come to this world. It was horrible! I remember that night as it was an awful nightmare. I think the feeling was mutual for the nurses as i have extremely low pain tolerance and i wanted to shower every 10 minutes or so. Eventually i delivered through emergency C-section as they broke my water by mistake, didn't dilate anymore and so on. The recovery was awful as well as i had developed an infection, was in pain, nurses didn't believe me until the doctor finally decided to send me for some x-rays.
I remember when i woke up from the anesthesia and they brought him to me, first thing he did was smile for mommy. My heart melt in an instance and I was thinking ”WOW, did this #beautiful little human came out of me? WOW"… i was just amazed. It was a bad experience, recovery sucked a lot, but it was worth every minute of pain, because we got blessed with such a wonderful baby boy.
        9 months later, it feels like he has always been with us. A day doesnt pass by without his smile or laugh melting out hearts.  He has this look also on his face, this kind look, like he will grow up and will make a difference in the world. Well whatever will make him happy, will make us happy too. And yes, i have to admit, sometimes is tough being a parent, not because of the daily rutines but because you have so much love for him that you worry about every little thing you MIGHT think its wrong with him and you want to fullfill his every need but worry you won't or can't.
     Well, getting kinda late again, 0:03 a.m. here. Hope you guys have an amazing week and if someone just has the need to talk about anything, feel free to write me here or on Instagram. WHO knows what amazing friendships we can develop. Before i say good night i wanna know if you too sometimes find parenthood tough and why?
    Good night! 💕

P.S. Our 9-month-old sweet baby boy

maanantai 2. heinäkuuta 2018

      Today i finally found the strenght to go in the park and just … enjoy the sunny/windy day thanks to my dear friend. Thank you C! 💓
      I usually wake up, make coffee, feed my cute baby boy, make food if i havent the previous evening, feed myself and my boyfriend, TRY(!) to clean, feed baby boy, breastfeed( thankfull i can still do that since it's the healthiest thing ever!), put him to nap, TRY to clean again, because my first attempt to do that failed, and before i even know it's already 6-7p.m and I have to feed cutiepie, breastfeed, bathe him, make food for the next day, try to shower, give a snack to baby and put him to bed … doesnt sound like much to do probably but it sure feels like it. Thank God i don't have to run errands everyday or have something super important to do. Therefore days feel short as hell and I feel like I don't have time nor strength to do anything else. Or so i believe until someone drags me out of the house. So yeah, I'm thankfull for the people that encourage me to do, get out, TAKE CARE of myself too. Because taking care of myself allows me to take better care of my dear ones. Of course my little one slept the whole time(I was excited to show him the fishies in the park since he absolutely adores animals especially our cat, WHO always puts a big smile on his face and calms him down if something).
    On our walk in the park, taking pictures of flowers, I got myself thinking how awesome and beautiful nature is! Yeah, I’m terrified of everything that crawls, EVERYTHING! Even the smallest bug. But they too have their own way of being beautiful, I believe. The strong fragrance of the flowers, the wonderful trees which provide shelter for all living creatures, the birds loudly chirping..(gotta mention the drunk guy peeing in the bushes tho;i dont understand how some have no shame, but thats none of my business at the end of the day..🤣)
     So people, make time to get out of the house! Its so therapeutical to just sit on a bench and feel the breeze on your warm skin. Even for a few minutes.
    Lets hope tomorrow i wont be too sore from all the walking and try and make going out, on a walk with my baby, a habit. Does him good, does me good too.
    So guys, tell me, are YOU taking enough care of yourself? Are your days as busy and you feel tired as fuck at the end of the day and altho you would love to do something else than just clean and make food, you are just so tired to do anything extra anymore even if you really want to?
Good night lovelies!
P.S. here are a few shots of the beautiful flowers i found on my way.


lauantai 30. kesäkuuta 2018

Hiya everybodyyyy!  💗
So today i realised that once you put your stuff on the internet there might come some bad feedback as well. Didn't think it would be so fast tho. The reason i got bad feedback is because of the ”vulgar language" i use here. Well, it's ok, I mean, everyone has the right to their own opinion and that is perfectly fine. We are all different, we dont have to agree or like the same things. The name of my blog is ”Momhood Uncensored". Straight away the name should give you a sign. Maybe i should put an R-rated sign? Know what? Nevermind. Done! Hope its visible enough.
     Yes, to some it might be they find my language vulgar, but i mean, I'm just putting my thoughts straight onto the blog, no filther, uncensored, honest. I mean, I don't think y'all fine ladies don't ever feel like just letting shit out of your mouth or onto a txt without having to be all nice about it. It shouldnt lower your  opinion on someone because at the end of the day they are just words. I mean, sorry, actually no! Im not sorry for not writing about the same stuff most mommy bloggers out there write about.(no offence please, you guys are doing an awesome job, really). So from me to all the ladies out there at least, use whatever goddamn language you please!
     With that being said, I was thinking today i should write a bit about me as a person, so we can get to know eachother a bit better before anything. Hmmm… where should i start. Well you already know my age and gender, if not, go to my first post and you'll find out. Personality wise, I am not shy on having an opinion, but at times i am concerned about what other might think of me. I’m The kind of person who wants other to be comfortable around me, laugh, enjoy themselves. I am totaly insane and annoying sometimes. I like openly talking about any kind of topic, especially about feelings or listen to others. I love being in control and snap imediatly if things dont go my way(even i feel sorry for my Boyfriend at times; he most love me very much). I love cooking so if anyone has a good recipe feel free to share! I suck at baking tho. Hmmm, maybe that should do for today, let me not bore you anymore and end this by saying i wouldnt change the slightest thing about me(okay, okay, we could get rid of the belly fat i still have after pregnancy).
     So darlings, what is your opinions on yourselves? Do you love yourselves just the way you are? Please feel free to share. Okaay, guess i ll see you guys tomorrow, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite.

P.s Here s a photo of very cute baby boy who is currently teething, which i feel very bad about, but he s very brave and mommy and daddy are so proud of him!

Gamer Mom

       Before I had my baby boy I used to go out with my boyfriend almost every weekend. It was our fun time as we were meeting our fr...